Interested in becoming a member?

Very occasionally a share in the group becomes available to replace members who decide to move on or to give up their boating pastime. We have set a limit in our constitution to a maximum of ten members - so places are very limited!

If you would like to be placed on our list of potential mooring customers, please call the Company Secretary, John Walsh on 07931 267094 & he will explain the current situation. Please understand that we only have a few opportunities to expand the membership of the group and all decisions are made democratically by the whole membership. Preference will always be given to candidates who can demonstrate that they can make a positive contribution to the group. Regrettably, we are unable to make instant decisions about potential new members, so a good deal of patience is always required!

The current cost of buying a share in Lock Marina (Upware) Limited is set at £6000 (we review this figure annually to reflect land / real estate values and this amount is also the sale value that outgoing members would expect to receive on the sale of their share) Don't forget, half this sum is payable on joining and the balance is due at the 12 month review.

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