Some frequently asked questions:

£6000 is a lot of cash. What do I get for my money?

You are buying a share of the company that ownes Lock Marina - a freehold site of approximately 1 acre. This gives you the right to moor your boat for the very low yearly maintenance charge levied by the group & the full use of all facilities on the site.

Do I get my share money back if I decide to leave the co-operative?

Yes, you will get your share money back at the value set at the time. You could even make a good profit, but please remember that to pay you back we have to recruit a new member to replace you and that this may take time!

Can I sell my mooring rights to the chap who has just purchased my boat?

No, your Share must be sold back to the club, he would have to apply to become a member and go through the same process as yourself.

Is it true that I only pay half of my Share immediately and the balance in 12 months time?

Yes, we only require you to pay half the money now and providing it meets the expectation of both parties you will invited to become a full member in 12 months.

Can my Share get devalued by the group selling more shares to new members?

Under our Constitution we are limited to a maximum of 10 members in the group.  This can only be changed at a General Meeting where you would entitled to give your opinion.

Do I get a specific mooring spot to call ‘my own’?

No, you are buying a share of the company & not a specific mooring.

Can I Use my mooring to ‘live aboard’ my boat?

No, the constitution of Lock Marina does not permit members to permanently live on their boats.

Is there a Club House with full facilities on your site?

No, we believe the site best serves its members by leaving it as close to nature as possible.

What is the Annual Maintenance Charge?

This fee is determined annually in a group meeting.  It is currently set at £300.00 per annum per member.

I have a 50ft Narrow boat. Do I pay the same annual charge as the member with a 23ft cruiser?

Yes, we have plenty of room to accommodate large vessels so all members pay the same amount.

I only need moorings for one year & it seems worth paying the first installment to get cheap moorings before moving on somewhere else. Here is my £3000 and 1 years maintenance fee. Please may I join?

This can't be recommended, as you will be penalised with a £10 per foot mooring fee in addition to your maintenance charge. We do not guarantee that you will get your money back immediately upon leaving - we may have to recruit a genuine member to replace you!

You have Water & Electricity on the site. How is it paid for?

Water is included in the annual mooring fee. Electricity is paid on individual meters for each mooring point. We work out the money owed and it is charged to the individual member at cost .

I have a dog, can I bring it with me when I stay on my boat?

Yes, we welcome pet owners but please remember to clean up after your pet.

Who does the maintenance work on the site?

You do! We are a co-operative, so all work is done by the members. Click here to see some photos of previous working sessions.

How many days in a year do I have to allocate to maintenance?

It varies, but generally about 3 to 4 days are allocated to group work. They are a great way of meeting your fellow group members. Don’t forget to bring some beer!

My high-heels are covered in your ghastly mud. Can I please join?

Sorry, Lock Marina is for boat mooring and is not the place for you!

I would like to join your group. What do I do now?

Click here to find out how to join our group.